ETC Nomad on PC with 1024 Channel Licence Including Laptop (Hire)


Weekly Cost £45.00 + VAT

ETC nomad plugs into our laptop and opens up the power of Eos® family software, so you can program and run shows anywhere.

It can serve as a primary controller, a backup or a client device - or work offline entirely - operating on either a PC platform running Microsoft Windows® 7 or higher or natively on a Mac running El Capitan (v10.11) or later.

ETC nomad supplied with 1024 outputs. with a Nomad gadget (USB - DMX interface) 2x DMX Universes

Upgrades Available

Include LX Keys Eos Keyboard additional £15.00 + Vat Per Week

ETC Express 72/144 Lighting Desk (Hire)


Weekly Cost £40.00 + VAT

Lighting Desk with 2 x DMX Outputs, Comes Complete With VGA Monitor  

  • 240 channels

  • 1,024 DMX512 dimmers

  • 600 cues

  • 500 groups

  • 99 focus points

  • Effects with up to 100 steps each

  • 2,000 macros

  • 24 submasters x 10 pages

  • 2 timed/manual fader pairs

  • Diskette drive

  • Single VGA output